My journey

Excuse the bad quality picture…BUT I know I am not the only person who actively avoided to take pictures at certain points of my fitness journey. Mainly because I was worried that when I took the pictures, all I might see is disappointment because I did not make enough progress..or even if I did, it was still not the end goal I wanted to see. That’s why sometimes I just avoided pictures all together. Now whilst I am still not where I want to be, I am at a point where I am happy enough with the progress I made and it is motivating me further into achieving my goals.

To be honest it took me a long time to find some middle ground when it came to my health and fitness and frankly I am still in the process of finding the perfect balance, however I am a lot better now than I was before .

There is sooooo much information out there these days….it can be very overwhelming and to be honest frustrating. You search up how to lose weight or build muscle and there are a thousand different sites telling you to do different things….and now you re stuck…because you have no idea which advice to follow and instead you give up because it all seems like too much.Well……I have tried it all pretty much and it turns out it’s a lot more simple than it’s made out to be.

I will be sharing what worked for me and all my best tips and tricks that hopefully will help you too.At the very least I hope to give you guys some sort of a better idea that will motivate you to figure out you own ways to get in better shape and to be able to actually stick with it.I won’t say it will be a smooth journey because it most likely won’t be…to this day I am still trying to figure all this sh*it don’t be discouraged when things don’t go smoothly,little steps at a time are still progressxx.